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All Fall Hunt Plot to Attract and Feed 

Slam Dunk All Fall Hunt Plot was designed for the hunter and is blended with special varieties of warm and cold weather food sources all-in-one to attract and hold deer on your property ALL Fall and Winter. This food plot mix will completely change the way you plan your plots for next season. 

  • This unique food plot mix offers special seed varieties chosen for their ability to grow and thrive in virtually any soil condition and climate; from hot or cold to wet or dry. Soil, pH, shade and weather tolerant, this mix can grow in soils from pH 5.4-7.0 and create several tons of highly nutritious forage per year. Slam Dunk can germinate in 3-5 days and will grow extremely quickly reaching full maturity in 60-90 days. This hardy blend of plants will provide your deer the protein and energy they desire and need heading into the Fall and Winter. The special varieties of Peas and Buckwheat are both warm season plants and are great late Summer and early Fall food sources, whereas the special varieties of Radishes and Canola can be phenomenal late season food sources. Once the weather turns cold and these plants are impacted by a hard killing frost or consecutive frosts, this triggers plant maturation and a dramatic molecular change occurs allowing the plants to convert their stored up starches into sugar, increasing attraction, consumption and palatability. Food plot mix that attracts deer and keeps them coming back for more greens

Slam Dunk Food Plot Mix

    • All fall plot mix keeps growing through the changing season 

    • Includes deer favorites such as radishes, rape, forage peas and buckwheat 

    • Easy to establish and grows quickly 

    • 3.5 lbs. plants a 1/4 acre plot

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