Plant Red Zone in the spring for a tonnage-producing, high protein plot that helps grow antlers. Plant in the summer/fall for a late maturing hunt plot.

  • High protein forage – soybeans, peas, buckwheat and sunflowers – that mature at different times of the year

  • Also provides high energy to all deer during the winter months

  • Must plant at least 60 days before the first frost


Antler King’s RED ZONE is a food plot mixed designed to offer all serious whitetail hunters a way to increase their chances of scoring on a trophy buck no matter what season they hunt!  Red Zone is comprised of 2 varieties of forage and grain soybeans, a variety of forage peas, a variety of buckwheat and more! Red Zone will mature at different periods throughout the year, offering a food plot the deer will crave during the spring, summer, fall and winter. If you can only plant one food plot this year, you need to plant RED ZONE!

Red Zone by Antler King

  •  Planted in the Spring, Summer or Fall Red Zone provides a high quality “smorgasbord” to offer your deer a highly nutritious food plot all 12 months of the year.  The special varieties of grain and forage soybeans are great Spring, Summer and Fall food sources.  If the deer allow the grain soybeans to mature they will also provide critical protein and energy well into the Fall and Winter.  The two varieties of grain and forage peas will provide great all season forage and are a palatable early season protein and energy source.  Typically once the peas in Red Zone flower, deer will systematically eliminate them from the entire food plot.  If they are allowed to mature the grain peas will climb the taller sunflower stalks and provide great late season protein and energy sources.  Buckwheat and Sunflower seeds complete the Red Zone food plot mix and will both offer great early season food sources.  Buckwheat is a warm season annual and will be one of the first plants consumed in the Red Zone mix. whereas at full maturity sunflower seeds provide great late season energy sources for deer and game birds.