Walls: Durabond Panel SystemM 1" thick and fully insulated

Roof: Aluminum framed Durabond Panel System fully insulated

Floor: Aluminum framed Durabond Panel System fully insulated and 

with anti-skid coin rubber flooring

Door: 30" wide, aluminum frame, insulated, automotive grade weather seal


Three 36" x 18" horizontal

One 12" x 36" vertical 



Bow Hook $29.95

Light Kit $75.00 

Solar Kit $295

6' Elevation Kit $885.99

12' Elevation Kit $1,149.99


  • Our four-sided blind is built with the same materials and manufacturing process as all Ambush Hunting Blinds. Our unique Durabond Panel SystemTM is second to none in strength, durability, insulation and stealth. Our blinds are designed and built to last. This blind is fully insulated and vented, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable during your hunt. Our tinted windows and dark interiors will keep you concealed. The Phantom Series comes standard with four horizontal windows that open quickly and quietly. This traditional square box blind is available in a 5' X 5' size and equipped with four leg brackets that accept a 4"x4" for added elevation.