Great 8™ is a fall annual food plot blend featuring eight specially selected seed varieties that mature at different times throughout the hunting season to help ensure your deer always have something good to eat. Great 8™ eliminates the guesswork of trying to figure out what to plant and is ideal for those who plant just one food plot. The winter peas, buckwheat and ryegrass will attract deer during bow season, while the radishes, turnips and forage rape attract deer during the rut. The winter oats and cereal rye mature from early bow season to late gun season and beyond. Great 8 can provide the protein and critical energy needed to sustain your deer herd well into the harsh, cold winter while also helping antler growth in the early spring season when other plants have yet to turn green. Great 8 keeps growing strong all hunting season long!

Great 8™ By Antler King

    • Contains Winter Oats, Tetraploid Ryegrass, Winter Peas, Cereal Rye, Radish, Turnip, Forage Rape and Buckwheat

    • Early fall to late winter food source

    • High in protein and energy

    • Proven high traffic

    • Deer’s 8 Favorite food sources

    • Antler King®’s GREAT 8™ is a fall annual food plot blend that consists of eight specially selected plant varieties. These varieties help ensure there are always plants maturing and available to graze on. If you are not certain what to plant and want to make sure your food plot always has something for deer to eat, plant GREAT 8.