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GENX Whitetail Soybeans 50lbs per 1 Acre

GenX Soybeans: Genesis Whitetail Extreme Soybeans (Glyphosate & Dicamba tolerant)
   GenX Soybeans are a blend of  high oil, high pod producing, and highly shatter resistant varieties. These soybeans are blended with  maturity groups that range from 2.8-6.9 allowing them to be planted from the extreme North, to the extreme South, and everywhere in between with great success!  
     The added value of these extreme varieties has different benefits depending on the specific planting zones. Some of these varieties allow for quicker yield, equaling quicker dry-down, while others are still pushing to mature keeping the plots green and lush. In some more Northern zones, the latter maturing bean may never mature, but will continue to push chlorophyll until the very end ensuring sweet attraction while the others are in the drying phase.
    Regardless of planting zones, this Soybean blend is sure to prove high levels of nutrition, attraction, yield, and a whole lot of fun come the hunting season!    

GenX Soybeans

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