High protein alfalfa and clover mix lasts into late season.



 A cold tolerant, alfalfa based food plot mix that will last into the late season. The multi-leaf alfalfa varieties in BOONER BUFFET™ have been developed to withstand heavy grazing pressure. With larger, luscious leaves that deer love to eat, the alfalfas help provide the protein and energy needed to grow massive antlers. Combine the alfalfas with clover, chicory and rape and BOONER BUFFET™ is the elite antler growing blend that is an asset to any food plot arsenal.

Booner Buffet by Antler King

  • 1.) Antler King®’s BOONER BUFFET™ may be planted in the spring or fall.

    2.) Take a soil test to determine the pH level. If needed, apply enough lime to raise the pH to above 7.0.

    3.) Eliminate any existing weeds on the proposed plot, either by raking, mowing, discing, or spraying with a contact weed killer, such as Roundup®. Wait 7 days to plant after spraying with any weed killer.

    4.) To maximize growth potential, spray Antler King®’s PLOT MAX™ to help raise the pH, aerate the soil, increase organic matter, help the soil retain moisture and create an environment for the plants to thrive. Optimal results can be achieved by reapplying PLOT MAX™ in both spring and fall. Note: When spraying a liquid weed killer on a new plot, mix PLOT MAX™ in the same tank as the weed killer.

    5.) One bag will plant 1/4 acre (approx. 11,000 sq. ft.). Spread 300 lbs. of 5-15-30 fertilizer on a one acre plot. Plant seeds less than ¼” deep. For improved results, apply 200 lbs. of 5-15-30 fertilizer per acre and spray your plot at least twice with Antler King®’s CLOVER FUEL™.

    6.) After plants are 3 inches tall, spray with Antler King®’s CLOVER FUEL™, which has been formulated to provide food for plant growth. Spray monthly for best results.

  • Two Varieties of Alfalfa, plus Clover, Chicory and Rape