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Bourdeau Bros, Incorporated (BBI) began in 1974 when founders Germain and Remi Bourdeau purchased a former Purina, Ltd. feed mill in Sheldon, Vermont.  From the beginning their mission was to be a full-service agricultural supplier, providing the local farm community with feed and crop products and services. 

The newly formed company grew in 1980 with the purchase of their Champlain, NY location.  The addition of a fertilizer blend plant and full-service crop center completed their goal of providing feed, seed, and fertilizer products and services to farmers within the region.   

In 1982 Bourdeau Bros, Inc. partnered with James Bushey and purchased a former Wayne Feed store in Middlebury, VT, forming Bourdeaus and Bushey, Inc.  This joint venture quickly evolved into a full-service farm store, fertilizer blending facility, crop center, and bulk feed supplier. 

In 2003 BBI purchased a former Agway, Inc. fertilizer facility, farm store, and crop center in Canton, NY and another former Agway farm store, feed mill, and crop center in Tully, NY.  Later that same year, BBI and Jim Bushey purchased Feed Commodities International, Inc. (FCI).  At the time, FCI was comprised of 5 feed manufacturing facilities located in Vergennes, VT; Middlebury, VT; Bernardston, MA; Detroit, ME; and Newport, VT.

In 2007 FCI purchased Collins Feed, a small feed mill and farm store in Malone, NY.  About the same time, BBI added a grain storage and handling facility at a rail site in St Albans, VT.  

Jim Bushey retired in 2015, and in late 2015 BBI purchased Faubert Feeds, a feed mill located in Huntingdon, Quebec.  Faubert Feed 2015 is currently a dedicated NON-GMO and Organic feed mill and a corn drying and storage facility. 

Throughout BBI’s history there have been many expansions and additions of agricultural related enterprises, including operating dairy farms and cash crop farms. The Bourdeau Bros family of businesses will continue to grow and evolve to meet the challenging needs of a changing market. 

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