Farmer’s Choice Feed
sold exclusively at
bourdeau brothers of middlebury
88 seymour street 
middlebury, Vermont 05753
802-388-7000 or 800-639-7051
Farmer Choice Whole Corn  8%
Farmer's Choice Cracked Corn  8%
Farmer's Choice Corn Meal  8%
Farmer's Choice Broiler/Turkey Pellet 21%
Farmer's Choice Broiler/Turkery Crumble 21%
Farmer's Choice 18% Layer Pellet 18%
Farmer's Choice 16% Medicated Lamb Starter Pellet 16%
Farmer's Choice 16% Dairy Pellet 16%
Farmer's Choice 18% Medicated Heifer Pellet 18%
Farmer's Choice 24% Medicated Heifer Pellet

Farmer's Choice 16% Pig Grower Pellet

Farmer's Choice 14% Hog Mash 14%
Farmer's Choice Soybean Meal 48%
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